PNG Chamber of Resources and Energy

The PNG Chamber of Resources & Energy (CORE) is a non-profit, leading industry association. We represent the mining and petroleum sectors, along with related industries in Papua New Guinea. 

Established in 1987, the Chamber has evolved over more than 30 years, earning respect from the wider business community, civil society, the industry itself, and the Government. 


We host international and local conferences, workshops, and seminars, produce publications relevant to the industry, and act as a vital link between the Government and the industry. Our focus is on key policies and legislation that affect both the industry and the nation. 


Our mission is to showcase and enhance the potential of Papua New Guinea in mineral and petroleum exploration. We are committed to developing a world-class, sustainable resources industry. Our goal is to create benefits that significantly improve the welfare of all Papua New Guineans. 

Mission Statement 

To promote the mineral and petroleum exploration potential of Papua New Guinea and the development of a world-class sustainable resources industry that provides benefit streams to improve the welfare of all Papua New Guineans. 

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