PNG Chamber of Resources & Energy (PNG CORE)

PNG CORE is committed to supporting and promoting the minerals and energy industries, as well as related sectors, in Papua New Guinea. 

We are focused on fostering progress and sustainable practices, aiming to be a leading voice and key contributor to the responsible growth of these important industries.


The Papua New Guinea Chamber of Resources & Energy is deeply committed to community development. Are you involved in a project that seeks to enhance the community where you work or reside? Alternatively, if you’re searching for impactful community initiatives to support, we are eager to connect with you. 


Papua New Guinea’s economy is deeply dependent on its resource sector, more so than in any other resource-rich regions. The country’s mineral and energy industries make substantial direct and indirect contributions to government revenues. Additionally, these industries provide extensive socio-economic advantages to the people of Papua New Guinea. 


Founded in 1987, the Chamber has earned widespread respect over its more than 30 years of development. This respect comes from the broader business community, civil society, the industry itself, and the Government. 

Benefits of Membership

The Chamber provides specific benefits for members, in particular Associate and Service members, and these include:

✅ Entry in the Chamber’s Directory of Associate and Service Companies available online.

✅ Substantial discount on registration fees for all Chamber conferences and seminars.

✅ Opportunities for sponsorship, exhibition space and advertising associated with Chamber conferences and seminars.

✅ Substantial discount on all Chamber publications.

✅ Access, through the Chamber’s office, to information on the minerals and energy industry that can assist business.


We advocate for world-class, sustainable practices in mineral and hydrocarbon exploration, production, and processing. 

Join Our Diverse Membership Community

We are proud to connect over 160 dynamic companies in Papua New Guinea, fostering a vibrant network within the mining and energy sectors. 

For more details on membership benefits and categories, contact us at 

Full Membership

Exclusively for mining and energy companies. Full Members form a vital part of our community, representing about 30% of our total membership.

Associate Membership

Ideal for support companies fully dedicated to the mining and energy industry, including drilling and mud companies, expediters, and testing laboratories. 

Service Membership

For businesses with various connections to the mining and energy sectors, offering diverse support services in PNG. 

PNG Resources and Energy Investment Conference

A Meeting of Minds to Discuss the Latest Opportunities in the Resources and Energy Industry in PNG

The PNG Resources and Energy Investment Conference is a premier event, bringing together an impressive array of participants, including representatives from the Papua New Guinea and Australia Governments, Resource Sector Ministers, and Industry Leaders. This gathering is designed to spark discussions on the future direction of PNG’s Mining and Energy sectors, against a backdrop of rising global demand for minerals and energy and increasing concerns over environmental and social responsibility.

Resource Week

Bolstering PNG's Resources and Energy Community

The PNG Community Affairs and National Content Conference & EXPO (CANCONEX) heralds the beginning of an era in PNG’s history, as it launches the first significant conference and exhibition in 2023, dedicated to enhancing awareness and driving engagement in community affairs and national content within the mineral resources and energy sector. This pioneering event aims not only to spotlight success stories but also to catalyze collaborative efforts toward achieving lasting benefits for all stakeholders involved.

PNG-Asia Investment Conference​

Strengthening Ties with Investors in Neighboring Countries

Papua New Guinea successfully took center stage at the inaugural Papua New Guinea–Asia Investment Conference in Hong Kong, a landmark event organized by the PNG Chamber of Resources and Energy, in close collaboration and support from the National Government of Papua New Guinea. This premier conference served as a strategic platform to showcase PNG’s potential and strengthen investment ties with major Asian economies, including China, Japan, India, and Korea. The PNG Government embraced this opportunity to enhance its trade and investment connections, positioning itself as an attractive destination for Asian investment and collaboration.

Emergency Response Challenge​

Ensuring the Competency and Quality of Emergency Response Teams in PNG

The Emergency Industry Emergency Response Challenge (EIERC), previously known as the National Mining Emergency Response Challenge, was initiated by the Mines Inspectorate of the Mineral Resources Authority. Its growing popularity and the increasing involvement of oil and gas sector teams led the Chamber to take over as the event’s organizer in 2017.

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Join us at the 2024 Papua New Guinea Resources & Energy Investment Conference and Exhibition. 

We invite you to express your interest in attending this exciting event filled with networking opportunities, industry insights and more. 

Don't' miss out on being part of this important industry event.