Support companies whose business relates entirely to the minerals and energy industry, e.g. drilling and mud companies, expediters and testing laboratories.

Clough Niugini Ltd

Clough Niugini Ltd is recognised as a pioneering project delivery company, employing innovative engineering and construction solutions to enhance the quality of life both today and in the future. Specialising in the energy, resources, and infrastructure sectors, the company is committed to delivering high-performance assets focusing on innovation, sustainability, and safety.

With a dedicated workforce of over 3,000 across Australia and the Asia Pacific, Clough Niugini Ltd is dedicated to executing exceptional projects that contribute to the industries and communities it serves, aiming for a sustainable future. 

Coral Seas Mining Services (PNG) Ltd

Corman Contractors (PNG) Ltd  

Curtain Bros

The Curtain Group originated in Papua New Guinea in October 1966 when Curtain Bros Papua New Guinea Limited commenced its operations, founded by Dan, Mick, and David Curtain. The brothers, initially in Papua New Guinea for work with the Territory Administration, quickly identified business opportunities and established their company in Port Moresby.  

Initially, Curtain Bros PNG focused exclusively on civil engineering and construction projects, such as roads, subdivisions, and airstrips. Today, the company’s head office and main operational base are located on Motukea Island, about twelve kilometres from Port Moresby’s Central Business District. This 106-hectare commercial site owned by Curtain Bros is undergoing continuous development.

Currently, it hosts steel fabrication and residential facilities, along with a dockyard named Papua New Guinea Dockyard, equipped with a 5000-tonne capacity slipway.  


Deloitte is committed to fostering progress and assisting clients globally to lead in their respective markets. By investing in and empowering a diverse workforce with unique talents, Deloitte enables individuals to surpass their achievements in other environments. The organization’s approach blends insightful advice with actionable integrity, underpinned by the belief that strengthening clients and society enhances Deloitte’s own strength.  

Deloitte encompasses Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited (DTTL), its worldwide network of member firms, and their related entities, each operating as legally separate and independent entities.  

Erias Group

ERIAS is dedicated to achieving responsible environmental and social outcomes, extending its commitment to sustainability beyond project deliverables into field and office environments. The company places a high priority on positively impacting the communities where it operates. This includes hiring local expertise for projects in Australia and internationally to foster local employment and offer training opportunities.  

ERIAS supports charities focused on enhancing community life through access to quality education, promoting gender equality, improving health, and launching capacity-building initiatives, demonstrating its commitment to making a meaningful difference in the communities it serves.  

Hastings Deering (PNG) Ltd

Hastings Deering embarked on its journey in Papua New Guinea in 1949, establishing a legacy of delivering high-quality Cat® products and services.

Now operating across six sites in PNG, the company provides premium equipment and services to diverse sectors such as mining, construction, forestry, materials handling, and government projects. Embracing technology, Hastings Deering enhances its offerings to meet customer business needs more efficiently, focusing on reducing downtime and optimizing machine performance.  

HBS Machinery

HBS (PNG) Limited, with its extensive national presence, stands as a frontrunner in the realms of heavy equipment and construction services. From its inception, the cornerstone of HBS’s operations has been its leading position in the plant and machinery dealership, delivering robust equipment tailored for a country with rigorous demands on its machinery.  

Over recent years, HBS has carved out a reputation as a formidable contractor in Mine Support Services and civil and building Construction, marking significant strides in sectors including resources and energy, oil and gas, transport, infrastructure, and property development. This evolution reflects HBS’s sustained growth and commitment to supporting clients across diverse market sectors.

High Arctic Energy Services

With more than 25 years in the oil and gas sector, High Arctic Energy Services stands out for its specialized Rentals and Nitrogen Services, backed by a continuously expanding track record of success.   

Since its inception in 1993, the company has grown substantially to meet the evolving needs of its clients. Transitioning from a privately held Canadian entity to a publicly traded company with international demand, High Arctic has established a distinguished reputation for its innovative equipment and world-class services, a source of genuine pride for the company.

Italpreziosi South Pacific Ltd

Founded in 1984 and based in Arezzo, Italy, Italpreziosi has become a prominent figure in the production, refining, and trading of precious metals, as well as in the production and trading of investment gold. The company has secured a pivotal role in the precious metals value chain by leveraging state-of-the-art technologies and systems with minimal environmental impact.   

Italpreziosi serves as a strategic partner to a wide array of stakeholders in the precious metals industry, including mines, banks, jewellery manufacturers, industrial entities, and private consumers. The company is dedicated to upholding the highest quality standards and adhering to ethical principles and sustainability commitments.

Kingston Resources Ltd

Kingston Resources Ltd, listed on the ASX, focuses on gold and copper production and exploration. The company operates the Mineral Hill mine in Cobar, New South Wales, and is actively advancing the 3.8 million ounce Misima Gold Project in Papua New Guinea.


Founded in Sydney in the 1950s, AJ Lucas (ASX: AJL) began as a high-quality building subcontractor before evolving its engineering expertise to offer specialized engineering, construction, and drilling services across energy, water & wastewater, resources, and public infrastructure sectors. The company has earned a reputation for its innovative engineering solutions and effective project management, becoming a leader in long-distance pipelines and a global authority in horizontal directional drilling (HDD).   

This expertise facilitated Lucas’s entry into the resources sector, significantly contributing to Australia’s exploration of alternative energy sources like coal seam gas.

Today, Lucas capitalizes on its experience by investing in unconventional hydrocarbon fields, achieving notable returns. The company’s longstanding success, spanning over five decades, is attributed to its collaborative client relationships and continuous technical innovation.


Nacap is an experienced contractor in pipeline, facilities, and civil construction for the oil, gas, mining, and water sectors, operating both in Australia and internationally. With a history spanning over 30 years, the company has consistently delivered projects on time and safely, marking a significant global achievement. In 2017, it broadened its scope to include renewable energy, collaborating with Quanta Services Australia to provide comprehensive construction solutions nationwide.  

Striving to be a leader in pipeline and energy infrastructure construction, Nacap offers extensive civil construction services, including site preparation and the building of various infrastructure elements. Its main offices are in Melbourne and Brisbane, Australia, with a Centre of Excellence & Innovation in Dubbo, New South Wales, focusing on designing and fabricating equipment for complex projects. Additionally, Nacap has expanded into Papua New Guinea, establishing Nacap PNG to serve the local oil and gas market.  

Pacific Energy Aviation (PNG) Ltd

Pacific Energy Aviation (PNG) Ltd is an independent regional group dedicated to supplying petroleum products and lubricants across the Pacific Islands. The company offers a comprehensive suite of services to its clientele, encompassing the supply, storage, and distribution of petroleum products.   

Committed to upholding the highest international industrial standards, Pacific Energy Aviation ensures strict safety measures and meticulous tracking of all operations. The company serves a diverse customer base daily. It caters to various sectors, including industry, aviation, marine, public services, and retail gas stations, meeting the energy needs of thousands of customers throughout the region.  

PNG Forest Products

PNG Forest Products (PNGFP) stands as a leading figure in Engineered Wood Products, championing sustainable manufacturing practices in Papua New Guinea since 1954. With a workforce of over 1,200 locals, PNGFP is distinguished by certifications from the Engineered Wood Products Association of Australasia, holding both the PEFC Chain of Custody Certification and the Type 5 JAS-ANZ product certification scheme.  

The company’s product portfolio caters to domestic and international markets, featuring plywood, treated pine timber, modular bridging and decking systems, kit homes, and pre-fabricated buildings. It also offers services in project construction and infrastructure development. Emphasizing sustainability, all timber is sourced from PNG’s renewable pine plantations, with its sawmilling and manufacturing operations in Bulolo being self-sufficiently powered by PNGFP’s own hydroelectric stations.  

Puma Energy (PNG) Ltd

Puma Energy is a prominent player in the global energy sector, focusing on downstream activities such as fuels, aviation, lubricants, and bitumen. The company boasts a robust footprint in Latin America, Africa, and the Asia-Pacific region, catering to a broad customer base through its network of 1,900 retail sites and providing refuelling services at over 100 airports globally.  

At its core, Puma Energy is dedicated to #EnergisingCommunities, aiming to foster growth and prosperity by sustainably meeting the needs of its customers in markets with high growth potential.  

Searcher Seismic

Searcher operates in the global oil and gas, mining, energy, and storage industries, specializing in designing, managing, and marketing multi-client geoscience data. The company boasts extensive geophysical and geological data libraries worldwide, including multi-client 2D and 3D seismic data, magnetics, gravity data, geochemical surveys, digital well databases, and prospectivity studies.  

Beyond data libraries, Searcher offers cutting-edge technological software products to enhance data accessibility and analysis. These include Seisintel, an online tool for marine survey and vessel tracking; sAIsmic, a web platform delivering global seismic data with deep learning support; and GeoClerk, a geo-imagery search engine powered by machine learning to find industry-related imagery.  


SMEC stands as a prominent global consultancy in engineering, management, and development, boasting 70 years of delivering innovative solutions worldwide in urban development, infrastructure, and management services. The firm excels in providing design leadership, consulting, and advisory services in various sectors, including roads and highways, rail and metro, aviation, hydropower, and renewable energy.  

Originating from its involvement in the monumental Snowy Mountains Hydroelectric Scheme in Australia in 1949, SMEC has built a distinguished history. Since joining the Surbana Jurong Group in 2016, SMEC has continued to enhance its legacy, focusing on sustainable solutions that facilitate connectivity, mobility, and energy for communities globally.

Sun Engineering (QLD) Pty Ltd

Established in 1975, Sun Engineering began by serving the power generation and mining industries in Queensland. Over the years, the company has expanded into a comprehensive fabrication and construction enterprise, catering to sectors including mining, power generation, petrochemical, processing, infrastructure, and commercial development.  

Sun Engineering has cultivated a solid reputation for quality, underpinned by its dedicated management teams and employees who prioritize safety and timely project delivery. The company’s success is attributed to its robust management systems and procedures, alongside its significant in-house capabilities in fabrication, painting, and construction. Operating across Australia, Papua New Guinea, China, and the Middle East, Sun Engineering continues to deliver successful projects internationally.

TWM PNG Limited

TWM Group stands at the forefront of offering integrated solutions across various essential and technical service sectors, leveraging its market-leading expertise and extensive experience. The group’s services span waste and water management, industrial services, environmental advisory, renewables, Skillpac for specialised skill sets, and comprehensive training programs. This diverse offering underscores TWM Group’s commitment to addressing the multifaceted needs of its clients with efficiency and expertise.

Wartsila PNG Limited

Wartsila PNG Limited is dedicated to enabling sustainable societies by innovating in technology and services, in partnership with stakeholders. The company focuses on sustainable technology and services to enhance the environmental and economic performance of its customers. It provides a broad portfolio of technologies and innovative solutions for superior operational reliability and cost predictiveness, thanks to its strong partner ecosystem.  

Globally, Wartsila’s team of 17,500 energy and maritime experts across over 70 countries is committed to leading the decarbonisation efforts of industries worldwide, demonstrating its commitment to a sustainable future. 

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