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 The Chamber membership consists of mining, petroleum and energy companies active in PNG.

Arran Energy Investments Limited

Arran Energy, a premier Australian enterprise, holds a distinguished position in the energy sector with its substantial ownership of oil and gas assets in Papua New Guinea’s Western Province, bordering Indonesia. This impressive portfolio encompasses both certified reserves, backed by an authorized development scheme, and a thoroughly evaluated 2C contingent resource, adhering strictly to the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) protocols and validated by a renowned independent resource certifier.  

Boasting a total volume of 357 MMBOE, Arran’s assets include an estimated 62 MMBBL of high-quality condensate and 1.8 TCF of gas, distributed across five distinct licenses.

As the primary operator with a significant controlling interest in these licenses, Arran Energy exemplifies leadership and expertise in leveraging its strategic resource base to fuel sustainable growth and contribute to the global energy landscape.  

Barrick (Niugini) Limited / New Porgera Limited

Barrick Gold Corporation has established itself as a leading producer in the gold and copper sectors, boasting a portfolio that encompasses the globe’s most prolific gold and copper districts. The company’s focus is centered on high-margin, long-life assets, ensuring a strategic positioning that promises both stability and profitability. With an eye towards the future, Barrick is dedicated to building the most valued gold and copper company in the world. This ambition is underpinned by a commitment to owning premier assets, overseen by top-tier talent, with the aim of delivering unparalleled returns and benefits to stakeholders across the board.

In pursuit of its lofty goals, Barrick Gold Corporation employs a forward-thinking strategy that emphasizes long-term planning and continuous investment in sustainable growth. The company is actively engaged in worldwide exploration programs, meticulously designed to uncover a consistent flow of new business opportunities. Through this strategic approach, Barrick not only aims to expand its already impressive portfolio but also to ensure that it remains at the forefront of the gold and copper production industry, delivering on its promise of exceptional stakeholder value.

Bougainville Copper Limited

Bougainville Copper Limited (BCL), a publicly listed entity on the Australian Securities Exchange, is at the forefront of reviving sustainable mining in central Bougainville. It is targeting copper, gold, and silver reserves at Panguna, which have been inactive since 1989. This initiative sees significant local investment, with both the Autonomous Bougainville Government (ABG) and the Independent State of Papua New Guinea holding a 36.4% stake each.   

Under the leadership of an experienced board, including notable figures such as Sir Mel Togolo and Sir Rabbie L. Namaliu, BCL is advancing through a strategic redevelopment plan focused on community engagement. With substantial progress, including establishing a Buka office and a local team in 2017, BCL is committed to aligning mining operations with community interests, paving the way for the responsible extraction of valuable resources.  

ExxonMobil PNG Ltd

ExxonMobil PNG Limited spearheads the PNG LNG Project, a monumental US$19 billion initiative that commercializes Papua New Guinea’s gas resources. Since starting production in mid-2014, the project integrates gas production and processing facilities, along with onshore and offshore pipelines and liquefaction facilities, boasting a capacity to produce over 8 million tonnes of LNG each year for Asian markets.   

Renowned for its commitment to social responsibility, ExxonMobil PNG Limited has a commendable track record in supporting local communities through diverse economic and social programs, significantly impacting the lives of Papua New Guineans.  

Frieda River Limited

Frieda River Limited, a company incorporated in Papua New Guinea, serves as the project proponent and has been operational within the country since 2015. This entity is a fully owned subsidiary of PanAust Limited, a company with its headquarters in Australia. PanAust Limited took over the operations of Frieda River Limited in 2014, following the acquisition of the company from Xstrata Frieda River Limited. Subsequently, in 2015, the company underwent a rebranding process, changing its name from Xstrata Frieda River Limited to its current designation, Frieda River Limited.

Coppermoly Ltd

Coppermoly Ltd, an Australian Stock Exchange-listed company since 2007, is actively developing a promising portfolio of copper and gold projects in Papua New Guinea, particularly on New Britain island. This region, part of the mineral-rich “Pacific Ring of Fire,” benefits from Papua New Guinea’s proven track record in major resource projects, including globally significant copper and gold mines like Ok Tedi and Lihir Island.  

Coppermoly’s focus has yielded substantial discoveries and definitions of copper and gold deposits, underpinning its strategy in securing and exploring highly prospective territories within this volcanic arc. With exploration tenements held or applied for across New Britain, Coppermoly is at the forefront of tapping into Papua New Guinea’s vast mineral wealth.  

Geopacific Resources Ltd

Geopacific Resources Limited (GPR:ASX), a key player in the Australian mining sector, is diligently developing the Woodlark Gold Project in Papua New Guinea. Highlighted by its 1.5Moz Mineral Resource—94% of which is Measured and Indicated as of December 2022—the project promises significant mining flexibility due to its near-surface, high-grade zones. With all licenses in good standing, the Woodlark Project is ready for near-term development, benefiting from previous substantial investments in studies and infrastructure. It’s actively seeking strategic partnerships for future expansion.  

The project is strategically positioned on Woodlark Island, a locale ripe for exploration and further resource development, albeit with limited recent exploration activities outside core areas, suggesting potential for discoveries. Strong local support, especially evident in the advanced village relocation program, underscores the project’s commitment to sustainable and responsible mining. This program, lauded by the Mineral Resource Authority of PNG, sets a benchmark in community engagement, highlighting the project’s positive stakeholder relations and its contribution to setting new standards in the mining industry.  

Harmony Gold

Harmony, South Africa’s leading gold producer by volume, boasts 70 years of expertise in the gold mining sector. Operating in the renowned gold mining region of South Africa and the globally recognized gold-copper regions of Papua New Guinea, Harmony demonstrates a robust presence in significant mining landscapes.

In Papua New Guinea, Harmony’s portfolio includes the wholly-owned Hidden Valley open-pit gold-silver mine, contributing to its diverse asset base. Further enhancing its portfolio, Harmony holds a 50% stake in the Golpu project, a wholly-owned new discovery at Kili Teke, and several prospective tenements, marking its expanding footprint in world-class gold-copper territories.  

Highlands Pacific

Highlands Pacific Limited was founded in 1997. The company’s line of business includes mining gold ores from lode deposits.  

K92 Mining Limited

K92 Mining, based in Vancouver, oversees the prolific Kainantu Gold Mine in Papua New Guinea, showcasing remarkable growth since operations rebooted in October 2016. Notably achieving 123 koz AuEq in 2022, K92’s strategic discovery of Kora North in May 2017 integrated several deposits into the high-grade Kora deposit, propelling the mine into one of the highest-grade operations globally. This success story is highlighted by prestigious accolades, including the 2021 Thayer Lindsley Award from the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada and recognition as a 2022 TSX 30 Company for outstanding stock performance.  

K92 is committed to ambitious expansion, with completed and planned stages to elevate Kainantu to a Tier 1 gold mine with top-tier production rates and low sustaining costs. Concurrently, K92 prioritizes self-funded exploration, operating up to 11 drill rigs on diverse targets. Recent updates reveal significant resource increases at Kora and Judd, alongside the discovery of the Blue Lake Porphyry, underscoring K92’s potential for further high-grade discoveries within its extensive exploration portfolio.  

Kumul Minerals Holdings

Kumul Minerals Holdings Limited, operating under the mandate outlined in the Kumul Minerals Holdings Limited Authorisation Act 2015, plays a pivotal role in Papua New Guinea’s (PNG) mineral sector. Its responsibilities include engaging both directly and indirectly in mineral resource projects as the State Nominee, embarking on investment programs beneficial to the state, and managing mining-related operations spanning upstream, midstream, and downstream activities. A fundamental aim of Kumul Minerals is to enhance the value of the state’s investment, positioning itself as a key player in PNG’s economic development through the mineral industry.

The company’s strategy and operations are designed to navigate economic, financial, and technological challenges while prioritizing environmental stewardship and social responsibility, in line with the Equator Principles. Kumul Minerals’ corporate plan aligns with PNG’s Government Development Agenda, supporting Vision 2050, the PNG Development Strategic Plan 2010-2030, and the Medium-Term Development Strategy IV for 2023-2027. This strategic alignment ensures that Kumul Minerals not only contributes to the country’s immediate mineral sector needs but also to its long-term development objectives, cementing its role in the nation’s progress.

Kumul Petroleum Holdings Ltd

Kumul Petroleum, Papua New Guinea’s state oil and gas firm, aims to maximise the nation’s petroleum assets, significantly contributing to public wealth. It manages the state’s 16.57% equity in the US$19 billion PNG LNG Project, the largest investment in the country’s history. Between 2014 and 2018, Kumul Petroleum remitted K4.2 billion to the state, over 80% of its K5 billion revenue, and exported 470 LNG shipments.

The company is deeply committed to social development, focusing on education, health, and rural electrification, aiming to increase electricity access from 14% to 70% by 2030, thus enhancing the lives of Papua New Guineans.  

LCL Resources Limited

LCL, an exploration and mining firm listed on the ASX and incorporated in Australia, holds significant interests in Papua New Guinea and Colombia. In PNG, LCL controls approximately 3,890 square kilometers of exploration territory across five regions, with a focus on copper, gold, and nickel. Additionally, LCL has secured a leading position in the Quinchia region within Colombia’s Mid-Cauca Gold Belt. Here, the company is advancing its 100% owned Quinchia Gold Project, spanning 10,500 hectares and boasting an estimated 2.6 million ounces of gold at a grade of 1 gram per tonne, through the initial stages of feasibility studies while continuing active exploration efforts in PNG.

Mayur Resources Ltd

Mayur Resources Limited is dedicated to advancing natural resources and renewable energy projects in Papua New Guinea. With a varied portfolio that includes iron, industrial sands, lime, cement, forestry carbon credits, battery minerals, and renewable energy sources like geothermal and solar, Mayur is also a significant shareholder (43%) in Adyton Resources, a copper and gold exploration firm listed on the TSX-V. The company aims to support decarbonisation in PNG and the Asia Pacific by developing mineral projects and renewable energy sources that offer cost-effective, high-quality, and net-zero solutions for the mining and construction sectors. Mayur prioritises community engagement and integrating internationally recognised Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) standards into its operations.  

Mineral Resources Development Company Ltd (MRDC)

The Mineral Resources Development Company Limited (MRDC), fully owned by the State of Papua New Guinea and under the trusteeship of the Prime Minister, is managed by a Board comprising the Secretaries of Treasury, Petroleum, and Mineral Policy & Geo-Hazard Management, the Managing Director as an ex-officio director, and four independent directors. With the Managing Director as the sole executive director, this structure directs the company without specific enabling legislation but follows its constitution for operational guidance.  

MRDC is designated by the Oil and Gas Act 1998 to oversee project benefits held in trusts by its subsidiary corporate trustees. For the mining sector, despite the absence of a direct mandate from the Mining Act, MRDC manages benefits for landowners and provincial governments through directives, policies, and agreements, with these benefits also managed by a corporate trustee. This trustee invests part of the trust funds based on the Board’s decisions. At the same time, MRDC implements these investment strategies, monitors their performance, and offers corporate and financial management services to the trustees.  


Newmont is the world’s leading gold company and a producer of copper, silver, zinc and lead. The Company’s world-class portfolio of assets, prospects and talent is anchored in favorable mining jurisdictions in Africa, Australia, Latin America & Caribbean, North America, and Papua New Guinea. Newmont is the only gold producer listed in the S&P 500 Index and is widely recognized for its principled environmental, social, and governance practices. The Company is an industry leader in value creation, supported by robust safety standards, superior execution, and technical expertise. Newmont was founded in 1921 and has been publicly traded since 1925.

Nick28 Capital Corp

Nickel 28 is an innovative investment vehicle focusing on the burgeoning battery metals sector, specializing in metal streaming and royalty agreements to give investors access to critical electric vehicle and energy storage metals like nickel and cobalt. As demand for these materials surges alongside the need for new mine financing, Nickel 28 strategically acquires production rights to position itself at the forefront of the battery metals market upswing. The company holds an 8.56% interest in the Ramu Nickel Cobalt Operation in Papua New Guinea and manages a portfolio of 13 royalties across Canada, Australia, and PNG, aiming to expand its battery metals-focused investments.

With the electric vehicle market’s rapid growth fueled by battery technology advancements and the automotive industry’s pivot towards electrification, Nickel 28 anticipates a positive outlook for battery metals over the next decade. The company’s acquisition strategy focuses on exploiting market opportunities in streams and royalties to become the leading battery metals investment vehicle, offering shareholders diversified exposure and potential for significant value appreciation. Nickel 28 is committed to a disciplined approach, actively pursuing opportunities that promise near-term revenue, cash flow, and avenues for growth.

Newcrest Mining Ltd

Newcrest Mining Limited was acquired by Newmont Corporation, the premier global gold company, and copper, silver, lead, and zinc producer. Established in 1921 and publicly traded since 1925, Newmont is the sole gold producer listed on the S&P 500 Index.

It distinguishes itself through a steadfast commitment to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices. The company is celebrated for its exceptional value creation, underpinned by rigorous safety protocols, flawless execution, and unparalleled technical prowess.  

Ok Tedi Mining Ltd

The Ok Tedi Mine, situated in the Star Mountains of Papua New Guinea’s Western Province, is an open-pit operation extracting copper and gold. Its products, sourced from the Mt Fubilan site, are transported via pipeline to Kiunga and then barged to Port Moresby Harbour for international shipment to smelters in Germany, India, Japan, Korea, and the Philippines. Entirely owned by Papua New Guinea, the Government holds a 67% stake, with the Western Province’s populace owning the remaining 33%.

Ok Tedi Mining Ltd, headquartered in Tabubil with offices in Port Moresby and a marketing/logistics centre in Brisbane, Australia, upholds core values including safety, environmental responsibility, integrity, and sustainability.  

PanAust Limited

PanAust Limited, an Australian company specializing in copper and gold production, operates primarily in Laos and has pre-development opportunities in Laos, Papua New Guinea (PNG), Myanmar, and Chile. Owned by Guangdong Rising H.K. (Holding) Limited, a subsidiary of the state-owned Guangdong Rising Holding Group Co., Ltd in China, PanAust holds a significant presence in the mining sector. Laos owns a 90% interest in Phu Bia Mining Limited, with the Laotian Government owning the remaining 10%. Its Laos operations include the Phu Kham Copper-Gold and Ban Houayxai Gold-Silver Operations within the 2,600 square-kilometre Phu Bia Contract Area.  

In PNG, PanAust, through Frieda River Limited, controls the Frieda River Project, one of the world’s largest undeveloped copper and gold deposits. In Myanmar, it has a 90% stake in Wuntho Resources Company Limited and a joint venture with Myanmar Energy Resources Group International Company Limited, covering around 1,500 square-kilometres in the Sagaing Region. PanAust is committed to sustainable business practices, focusing on copper and gold production, achieving production targets, and responsible growth, guided by its core values of Care, Integrity, Leadership, and Performance.  

Peak Oil (PNG) Ltd

PEAK, a privately held Australian entity, has discovered a promising oil and gas prospect within the New Ireland Basin of Papua New Guinea, positioning itself as a pioneering force in the region. This discovery has the potential to significantly impact PNG’s economy, offering a novel energy source for Asia and presenting a unique investment opportunity. Founded in 2009, PEAK is under the leadership of a Board chaired by Professor Brent McInnes, a leading expert on the basin’s geological development.  

The company’s asset portfolio encompasses licenses PPL 352 and PPL 625, targeting the Exotica Formation and applications APPLs 519, 651, 652, and 653. These holdings span the eastern coast of New Ireland to offshore areas near Lihir Island, covering a total of 60,000 square kilometres—comparable in size to Ireland or the US state of West Virginia.  

In PNG, PanAust, through Frieda River Limited, controls the Frieda River Project, one of the world’s largest undeveloped copper and gold deposits. In Myanmar, it has a 90% stake in Wuntho Resources Company Limited and a joint venture with Myanmar Energy Resources Group International Company Limited, covering around 1,500 square-kilometres in the Sagaing Region. PanAust is committed to sustainable business practices, focusing on copper and gold production, achieving production targets, and responsible growth, guided by its core values of Care, Integrity, Leadership, and Performance.  

Porgera Joint Venture

The Porgera Gold Mine, located in Enga Province, Papua New Guinea, operates at altitudes between 2,200 and 2,700 meters, approximately 130 kilometers west of Mount Hagen and 600 kilometers northwest of Port Moresby. Managed by Barrick (Niugini) Limited (BNL) under a joint venture between Barrick Gold Corporation and Zijin Mining Group Company Limited, BNL holds a 95% participating interest in the Porgera Joint Venture (PJV). The remaining 5% is owned by Mineral Resource Enga (MRE) Limited, representing the interests of the Enga Provincial Government and Porgera landowners.  

Employing over 2,500 locals, the Porgera Mine has significantly contributed to Papua New Guinea’s economy, producing over 20 million ounces of gold and accounting for about 10% of the nation’s total annual exports.  

In PNG, PanAust, through Frieda River Limited, controls the Frieda River Project, one of the world’s largest undeveloped copper and gold deposits. In Myanmar, it has a 90% stake in Wuntho Resources Company Limited and a joint venture with Myanmar Energy Resources Group International Company Limited, covering around 1,500 square-kilometres in the Sagaing Region. PanAust is committed to sustainable business practices, focusing on copper and gold production, achieving production targets, and responsible growth, guided by its core values of Care, Integrity, Leadership, and Performance.  

Ramu Nico (MCC) Ltd

The Ramu Nickel and Cobalt Project, located in Madang Province, Papua New Guinea, stands as a world-class mining operation, integrating mining, processing, and smelting activities. It boasts proven and controllable nickel ore reserves of 75.69 million tons, with total resources reaching 120.62 million tons, suggesting a design service life of 20 years extendable to 40 years based on prospective reserves. The project includes open-pit mining in the Kurumbukari area, situated 75km southwest of Madang at an elevation of 600m-800m. It features a smelting plant on the Basamuk seaside, 55km southeast of Madang City, lying between 5m and 60m above sea level. A 135km slurry pipeline connects the mine and smelter, facilitating the transport of slurry.  

With a total construction investment of US$2.041 billion, the Ramu project marks the largest overseas nickel and cobalt mining investment by a Chinese company and represents China’s most significant investment in the South Pacific. The project yields nickel and cobalt intermediate products, with an annual output equivalent to approximately 32,601 tons of nickel and 3,335 tons of cobalt, underscoring its substantial contribution to the global nickel and cobalt supply chain.  

Rio Tinto Minerals (PNG) Ltd

Rio Tinto Minerals (PNG) Ltd is pioneering more efficient methods to supply essential materials globally. The company focuses on providing iron ore, crucial for manufacturing steel; low carbon aluminium, vital for electric cars and smartphones; and copper, key for wind turbines, electric vehicles, and water infrastructure. Additionally, Rio Tinto Minerals (PNG) Ltd supplies borates, which are essential for agricultural development, and titanium, which is widely used in paint production. The firm is committed to meeting the world’s needs through sustainable and innovative approaches.  

Santos (Oil Search Ltd)

Santos, a leading global energy company, is dedicated to providing reliable and affordable energy while transitioning towards lower carbon sources. Operating across Australia, Papua New Guinea, Timor-Leste, and the United States, Santos aims to be at the forefront of the energy evolution, focusing on low-carbon fuels to support global decarbonisation efforts. As a key supplier of domestic gas in Australia and LNG in Asia, the company is committed to reducing emissions through carbon capture and storage, energy efficiency initiatives, renewable energy, and the development of low-carbon fuels in response to evolving customer demands.  

For over 70 years, Santos has fostered partnerships with local communities, contributing to job creation and business opportunities while safely developing natural gas resources. The company’s strategy is to generate long-term shareholder value through a diversified portfolio of high-quality, low-cost oil and gas assets complemented by carbon storage resources and infrastructure. Santos’s climate transition action plan and its regional operating model, structured around three business units and two divisions for global portfolio management and strategy, ensure resilience and value growth across various decarbonisation scenarios.  

St Barbara Resources Ltd

St Barbara Resources Ltd manages the Simberi Operations, an open-cut mine on Simberi Island in Papua New Guinea’s New Ireland Province, targeting an extension of the mine’s life by at least ten years through an upcoming sulphide project. Access is via a three-hour charter flight from Port Moresby, with facilities including a 1400-metre airstrip near the Piking Plantation, a 20-metre concrete wharf at Pigiput Bay, and accommodation for staff and contractors at the 250-bed Pigiput camp.  

Since beginning operations in 2008, mining has been concentrated on the island’s eastern half within a 2,560-hectare lease, about 900 kilometres from Port Moresby. St Barbara Resources employs both an energy-efficient aerial rope conveyor and mining trucks to transport ore to the process plant, highlighting the company’s innovative approach to mining logistics and efficiency.  

TotalEnergies EP PNG Limited

TotalEnergies commits to enhancing energy efficiency and embraces the challenge with dedication. Operating in 130 countries, the company boasts over 500 professions, adhering to high safety and environmental standards, strong ethical values, a culture of innovation, and extensive opportunities for career development.

TotalEnergies invites individuals to join its global workforce, which already includes 105,000 employees, united in its mission to become a world-class player in the energy transition.  

Twinza Oil

Twinza Oil Limited is progressing the Pasca A gas field offshore Papua New Guinea, aiming for sustainable development and commercialisation of its energy projects. The company, with a seasoned executive team experienced in the energy sector, is set to inaugurate Papua New Guinea’s first offshore gas field development with the Pasca A project, pending government approvals. This venture promises to stimulate further exploration in the Gulf of Papua.  

Based in Perth, Australia, Twinza extends its operations through offices in Port Moresby and Singapore. It is actively expanding its footprint in Papua New Guinea to support the Pasca A development, highlighting its commitment to the region’s energy development.  

Wafi-Golpu Joint Venture

The Wafi-Golpu Joint Venture (WGJV), established in 2008, is an unincorporated collaboration between Newmont Corporation and Harmony Gold Mining Company Limited subsidiaries. Its purpose is to explore and assess mineral deposits in Papua New Guinea’s Morobe Province.  

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