Our role extends beyond organizing events; we are dedicated to keeping our members informed with the latest industry insights and information through conferences, workshops, seminars, and publications. This effort supports our mission to enhance Papua New Guinea’s potential in mineral and energy exploration and develop a sustainable, world-class resources industry.

By providing up-to-date data and facilitating a direct link between the government and the industry, we empower our members to make informed decisions, contribute to economic growth, and improve the welfare of all Papua New Guineans.

Our commitment to information sharing is a cornerstone of our strategy to foster innovation, sustainability, and prosperity within the industry.

News Updates

Find out the latest news in the resources and energy industry in PNG.

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We continuously compile relevant and up to date data for our members and network. These information provides relevant and insightful information to bolster your efforts in developing and succeeding in your goals.

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Speeches and Presentation

Guests and speakers in our events and conferences are the prime movers and shakers of the resources and energy industry in PNG. 

We have compiled their updates to latest developments, projections, and other critical information for your perusal. Click the link to visit the page to view the speeches and presentations.

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