To promote the mineral and energy exploration potential of Papua New Guinea and the development of a world-class sustainable resources industry that provides benefit streams to improve the welfare of all Papua New Guineans. 

Promoting Excellence and Sustainability

Advocates for top-tier, sustainable practices in mineral and hydrocarbon exploration, production, processing, and supporting industries in PNG.

Focuses on profitability, safety, environmental and social responsibility, community welfare, and long-term prosperity for current and future PNG generations.

Industry Representation and Advocacy

Acts as the authoritative voice for the minerals and energy industry in PNG.

Engages with the government and community to present industry challenges, propose solutions, and advocate for beneficial legislative and policy changes.

Community Engagement and Awareness

Plays a crucial role in educating the wider community and raising awareness about the minerals and energy industry's activities and benefits.

Communicates industry commitments and obligations, monitored and regulated by the Government.

Diverse Support Programs

Implements various programs to promote the industry, assist members, and inform the public.

Organizes media and public relations activities, educational initiatives, publications, conferences, seminars, workshops, and international promotions.

Hosts the biennial PNG Minerals and Energy Investment Conference in Sydney.

Information and Publications

Publishes a bi-monthly newsletter to keep members informed, also distributed to politicians, public servants, businesses, and media.

Produces and supports technical publications for member benefit.

Educational Collaboration

Collaborates with educational and training institutions on technical, professional courses, and research programs vital to the industry.

PNG CORE committed to supporting and promoting the minerals and energy industries, as well as related sectors, in Papua New Guinea. 

We are focused on fostering progress and sustainable practices, aiming to be a leading voice and key contributor to the responsible growth of these important industries.

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