PNG Emergency Response Challenge

Join us at the PNG Chamber of Resources and Energy for our pivotal Emergency Response Challenge. Our mission is to bolster the emergency preparedness of our resource industry personnel. Through engaging competitions and hands-on exposure to the latest methods and technology, we aim to elevate our industry’s response capabilities, ensuring our teams are ready and resilient in the face of emergencies. This initiative not only sharpens skills but also bridges knowledge gaps, reinforcing our commitment to safety and efficiency across the sector.

Elevating Industry Standards: A Comprehensive Emergency Preparedness Initiative

Our Emergency Response Challenge is meticulously designed to foster unparalleled readiness among resource industry professionals. By engaging in competitive scenarios that simulate real-life emergencies, participants gain invaluable insights and practical experience. This initiative not only sharpens their response skills but also introduces cutting-edge practices and technologies, ensuring that our workforce is equipped to tackle any emergency with competence and confidence.

Highlights of Day Two of ERC

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