Service Members

Agility Project Logistics

A1 Links Ltd is renowned for its specialization in providing genuine office products across Port Moresby and throughout Papua New Guinea (PNG). The company prides itself on offering a wide range of authentic and high-quality office supplies, ensuring that businesses across PNG have access to the products they need for their operations.

Agility Project Logistics

Agility is a prominent global entity in supply chain services, infrastructure, and innovation, employing over 45,000 staff across six continents. As a diversified business operator and investor, Agility excels in expanding operational businesses. Its portfolio includes Menzies Aviation, the world’s leading aviation services company; TriStar, a global fuel logistics firm; Agility Logistics Parks, a top developer of logistics parks in the Middle East, South Asia, and Africa; and UPAC, a company developing a mega-mall in the UAE.   

Agility also provides customs digitization, remote-site infrastructure, defense and government services, e-commerce enablement, and digital logistics. Committed to supply chain innovation, sustainability, and resilience, Agility holds minority stakes in various companies, both listed and non-listed.

Air Niugini

Air Niugini Limited serves as the national airline of Papua New Guinea, headquartered at Air Niugini House, located within the precincts of Port Moresby International Airport in Port Moresby. The airline boasts a comprehensive domestic network, offering flights from Port Moresby to 12 major airports across the country. Additionally, its subsidiary, Link PNG, extends the airline’s reach by operating flights to smaller, minor airports, ensuring widespread connectivity throughout Papua New Guinea.

Aisi-Bishman Contractors Ltd


Allens stands as a premier international law firm, boasting a distinguished legacy of influencing the future for clients, employees, and the communities where it operates. With over 200 years of involvement in the Asia region, Allens has been instrumental in the creation of legislation and regulatory frameworks, marking a history of involvement in numerous industry and community ‘firsts’. This innate drive to effect change and shape the future is deeply embedded in the firm’s ethos.

The firm has expanded significantly over the years, now providing a vast global network through its 41 offices in 26 countries, thanks to a strategic alliance with Linklaters. Allens takes pride in maintaining some of the longest-standing client relationships worldwide, some of which span over 170 years. Dedicated to solving complex challenges and fostering growth, Allens serves a diverse client base, including pioneering market newcomers alongside time-honored companies, by innovatively tailoring its services to meet the dynamic needs of the burgeoning startup ecosystem.

Alpha Insurance Limited

Originally established in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea (PNG) in 1976 as a branch of American Home Assurance from the United States, the business underwent significant transformation over the years. On 1st June 2013, it took a pivotal step by incorporating locally in PNG and commenced operations as AIG PNG Limited, becoming a wholly-owned subsidiary within the AIG group of companies. This transition marked the beginning of a new chapter in its history.

In 2016, the business experienced a significant shift in ownership through a management buy-out led by the Executive Managing Director, Bruce Avenell. Following this change, AIG PNG Limited underwent a rebranding, adopting the name Alpha Insurance Limited. Today, Alpha Insurance operates as an AIG Network Partner, signifying its continued relationship with AIG while marking its independent operational status and commitment to serving the insurance needs of PNG.

ANZ Banking Group (PNG) Ltd

ANZ boasts a distinguished history spanning over 180 years. Its core mission is to foster a world where individuals and communities flourish, aiming to establish a balanced and sustainable economy accessible to all, enabling them to improve their lives.   

With a workforce exceeding 50,000, ANZ’s global headquarters is located in Melbourne. The bank is ranked among Australia’s top 4 banks, stands as the largest banking group in New Zealand and the Pacific, and is recognized among the top 50 banks globally.  


AON PNG exists to positively influence decisions — with the aim of protecting and enriching the lives of individuals globally. The company’s colleagues offer advice and solutions to clients across more than 120 countries and sovereignties, equipping them with the clarity and confidence required to make informed decisions that safeguard and enhance their businesses. 

Applus PNG LTD

Applus+ is recognised as a global leader in the testing, inspection, and certification industry. It acts as a dependable partner in enhancing the quality and safety of clients’ assets and infrastructures. The organisation ensures the safety of operations and promotes the improvement of environmental performance through its innovative strategies and technical expertise. With a committed workforce of over 23,000 highly skilled employees, Applus+ achieves operational excellence in numerous sectors across more than 70 countries.

The company offers a comprehensive portfolio of solutions to meet a variety of needs, from asset integrity management to compliance with statutory inspection obligations. Applus+ places a strong emphasis on technological advancement, digitalisation, and innovation, while also ensuring a thorough understanding of regulatory requirements.  

Arman Larmer Surveys

Arman Larmer Surveys, established in 1965, is the premier survey company in Papua New Guinea. It offers a broad spectrum of services in Land Surveying, Engineering, Mining and petroleum Exploration, Geodetic, Hydrographic, GPS surveys, Topographic, Construction set-out, database management, Geographic Information Systems, Town Planning, and subdivision development Surveys. The firm holds a Certificate of Compliance from the PNG Surveyors Board, in line with Sub Section 1 of Section 40 of the Survey Act (Chapter 95).  

With 42 permanent employees, including Professional Surveyors, GPS and GIS specialists, Project Managers, and Accounting and support staff, the company is headquartered in Port Moresby. It also operates a series of site offices across the nation, ensuring comprehensive coverage and expert service delivery throughout Papua New Guinea.  

Ashurst PNG

Ashurst is a leading global law firm with world-class expertise and a distinguished international clientele, including corporations, financial institutions, and governments. Operating across 31 offices in 18 countries and having a referral partnership with an Indian law firm, Ashurst combines global reach with local market understanding.  

The firm prioritises understanding client needs, pushing boundaries for their benefit, and has a proven record in managing complex international transactions and disputes. Ashurst’s strength lies in its people, who form integrated global teams across consulting, legal, and NewLaw areas, focusing on delivering practical solutions that align with clients’ commercial objectives.

ASPEN Medical

Aspen Medical, an Australian-owned, globally recognised healthcare provider, has been offering top-tier primary and emergency healthcare services in Australia and the Pacific since 2003. Its operations span the Solomon Islands, Timor-Leste, Vanuatu, Fiji, and PNG, where it notably assisted the PNG Cholera Emergency Response Committee in 2010 through a contract with the Australian Government’s AusAID. Beyond the Pacific, Aspen Medical extends its services to the US, UK, Gulf region, and Africa.  

The company operates the Aspen Medical Harbour City clinic, a patient-centric general practice featuring an on-site digital x-ray suite, pathology lab, and pharmacy. The clinic is fully equipped to handle emergencies, with capabilities for patient stabilization and, if necessary, transportation to a local hospital for further treatment.  

Atlas Steel PNG

For more than 48 years, Atlas Steel PNG has been at the forefront of supplying steel to numerous significant projects throughout Papua New Guinea, establishing itself as the nation’s favored provider of premium steel products and buildings. The company’s extensive catalog features a diverse array of products including fencing systems, nails and screws, reinforcing steel in both bars and mesh forms, merchant steel, a variety of pipes and hollow sections, bars and plates, as well as structural steel. Additionally, Atlas Steel offers purlins, metal roofing, wall products, and rainwater goods, along with a comprehensive range of related accessories. These products adhere to local or international quality standards, tailored to meet the specific demands of each project, ensuring that clients receive only the best in quality and compliance.

The company operates the Aspen Medical Harbour City clinic, a patient-centric general practice featuring an on-site digital x-ray suite, pathology lab, and pharmacy. The clinic is fully equipped to handle emergencies, with capabilities for patient stabilization and, if necessary, transportation to a local hospital for further treatment.  

Badili Hardware Limited

Founded in 1995, Badili Hardware (BHL) began its journey with an initial retail store in the Badili suburb of Port Moresby. The company has since played a role in Papua New Guinea’s economic growth, expanding its reach within the nation. Presently, BHL operates super-stores in Port Moresby’s Waigani area and Lae City, serving a wider portion of the country.  

Bank of South Pacific

BSP Financial Group Limited (BSP) stands as the premier banking institution in the South Pacific, with operations across Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Solomon Islands, Cook Islands, Samoa, Tonga, and Vanuatu.

Boasting the most extensive branch and electronic banking infrastructure, BSP’s assets surpass PGK 23.050 billion. The bank also maintains the largest network of ATMs and EFTPoS systems in its operational Pacific countries. BSP is dedicated to enhancing its business practices to ensure customers enjoy top-quality products and services. This commitment extends to fostering professional growth among its employees, engaging with local communities, and delivering value to its shareholders.

Bishop Brothers Engineering

Bishops, the premier supplier of industrial tools and engineering goods in Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands has over 40 years of experience and stocks over 75 million PGK worth of products. The company guarantees easy access to a vast product range and can source items globally if they are not in stock.  

Additionally, Bishops provides equipment hire and engineering services, adhering to international safety standards with modern equipment across seven branches. It serves various sectors and offers in-house embroidery services for company logos and names at its Port Moresby and Lae branches.  

Black Swan (PNG) International

Black Swan (PNG) Limited stands out as a premier, privately-owned security firm based in Papua New Guinea, dedicated to providing strategic security solutions tailored to the diverse needs of various market sectors. The company specializes in designing bespoke security strategies to navigate the complexities of the PNG environment effectively.

Recognizing the evolving and challenging security landscape in PNG, Black Swan positions itself as a steadfast security ally for businesses. By foreseeing and addressing security concerns proactively, it enables clients to concentrate on their principal business operations without undue stress over security issues.

The mission of Black Swan is to offer unparalleled global security services and training, characterized by cutting-edge practices and exceptional customer satisfaction. The company’s training initiatives are informed by a deep understanding of industry needs, thereby elevating standards within the security sector. Black Swan’s approach goes beyond traditional security services, aiming to fulfill the broader security demands of its clients by acting as a comprehensive ‘Security Business Partner.’ This partnership model underscores Black Swan’s commitment to professionalism and excellence in delivering security solutions.

Blue Water Shipping Pty Ltd

Blue Water Shipping operates as a global leader in providing customized transport and logistics solutions, meticulously tailored to cater to the unique needs of its clients. At the core of Blue Water’s success are more than 2,500 specialized employees, who are stationed across more than 80 offices worldwide. This extensive network of professionals ensures that Blue Water Shipping delivers exceptional service and expertise in every project they undertake, embodying the company’s commitment to meeting and exceeding client expectations.

BMT Commercial Australia Pty Ltd

BMT stands as a maritime-focused, premier design house and technical consulting firm, fueled by a deep-seated passion for addressing and solving complex, real-world challenges. The cornerstone of our operations is our unique and sustainable capabilities, which are strategically utilized to meet the diverse needs of our customers and markets. These capabilities are also the focal point of our future development efforts, ensuring we remain at the forefront of innovation.

Our mission is to tackle the most significant and impactful engineering challenges of our era. BMT is a crucible for innovation, where individuals endowed with exceptional technical acumen converge to forge practical, impactful solutions. Our drive is rooted in the commitment to a future that is safer, more efficient, effective, and sustainable, reflecting our dedication to making a meaningful difference through engineering excellence.

Brand Hero

Brand Hero understands that many businesses grapple with the challenge of differentiating themselves in a crowded marketplace. Our mission is to elevate brands, enabling them to not only stand out but also rise above the competition with distinction.

Brand Hero is dedicated to empowering businesses with the confidence and professional appearance necessary to thrive. From crafting a memorable logo, developing a compelling website, to creating eye-catching vehicle signage, Brand Hero aims to be the valiant and fervent advocate your brand deserves. Let us champion your brand’s identity and help it soar to new heights.

Coffey Environments

The Coffey Group’s Environmental Management System (EMS) is designed to cater to the unique requirements of its clients, developed in collaboration with the NSAI and based on the ISO 14001:2004 standards. Since 2009, Coffey Water Ltd. has achieved ISO14001:2004 compliance, with the broader Coffey Group’s EMS receiving certification for the same standard in May 2012. By November 2017, the EMS was updated and certified as compliant with the newer ISO 14001:2015 standards by the NSAI (a UKAS accredited body).

The Coffey Group is acutely conscious of both the legislative landscape and public sensitivity towards environmental issues. Its foremost goal is to mitigate any environmental impact across all its projects, focusing on reducing air emissions, water discharges, pollution, waste, and energy consumption, while promoting recycling. Additionally, the group prioritises the safety of both employees and the public, alongside minimising other disruptions to the surrounding environment of its projects.

Columbia Helicopters Inc.

Columbia Helicopters, Inc., a worldwide leader in operating heavy-lift helicopters, provides comprehensive maintenance support for both commercial and military clients globally. Pioneering in helicopter logging, Columbia has become a national frontrunner in selective timber harvesting via helicopter and also specialises in transporting construction materials, including power line towers, pipelines, and ski lifts, among others. The company supports a variety of flight operation projects, such as military support, petroleum exploration, and firefighting efforts through aerial water and chemical applications.  

Furthermore, Columbia Helicopters delivers extensive depot-level maintenance for aircraft and components, offering services like engine and transmission maintenance, hydraulic overhauls, avionics repair, sheet metal work, and more. Established in 1957, the company is headquartered in Aurora, Oregon.  

Corrs Chambers Westgarth

Corrs Chambers Westgarth stands as Australia’s premier independent law firm, delivering unparalleled legal services across a broad range of areas, including major transactions, projects, and disputes. The firm is known for its strategic guidance on complex client issues, leveraging over 175 years of experience and a team of more than 1000 skilled professionals dedicated to client success.  

Renowned for advising on significant global matters and collaborating with top international lawyers, Corrs Chambers Westgarth ensures clients have access to the optimal team for every project. The firm is involved in leading public international law matters, aiding governments and corporations in resolving intricate cross-border disputes. As the chosen firm for many of the world’s leading organisations, Corrs Chambers Westgarth’s commitment to excellence and client service is consistently acknowledged and celebrated.  


Dentons stands as the world’s largest law firm, navigating complexities across various markets with a comprehensive approach towards clients, staff, suppliers, and our broader impact. Recognizing that our clients often encounter similar challenges, we’ve developed a suite of global solutions designed to equip your organization with the necessary multi-market perspectives.

Operating in more than 80 countries, Dentons is dedicated to supporting the growth, protection, operation, and financing of your organization through legal solutions that are not only globally informed but also deeply ingrained with local insights. Our polycentric approach, combined with a purpose-driven mission, underscores our commitment to inclusion, diversity, equity, and sustainability. We prioritize what matters most to you, focusing on delivering meaningful and effective legal guidance.

Designer Zucci Limited

Fimali is dedicated to becoming the preferred supplier in Papua New Guinea for high-quality engineered products sourced from reputable global manufacturers. The company’s mission is to deliver exceptional service to organisations and industrial clients within Papua New Guinea, employing skilled local personnel to contribute positively to the country’s development.  

Fimali Ltd

Fimali is dedicated to becoming the preferred supplier in Papua New Guinea for high-quality engineered products sourced from reputable global manufacturers. The company’s mission is to deliver exceptional service to organisations and industrial clients within Papua New Guinea, employing skilled local personnel to contribute positively to the country’s development.  

Helifix Operations Limited

Digicel PNG Limited

Digicel Business stands at the forefront as the leading full-service business solutions partner in the region, dedicated to delivering value and innovative solutions that aid in cost management and enhancing operational efficiency for customers. Our commitment is to provide scalable and cost-effective ICT Solutions designed to simplify business management and increase agility in a competitive and evolving marketplace.

As a market leader in business solutions, we are committed to ensuring our clients stay ahead of technological advancements and market trends. To achieve this, Digicel Business offers a comprehensive suite of solutions across eight major service categories: Mobile Solutions, Network & IT Security Solutions, Unified Communications & Collaboration, Internet of Things, IT & Business Continuity, Security & Surveillance, Professional Services, and TV. Our offerings are tailored to meet the diverse needs of businesses, enabling them to thrive and excel with cutting-edge technology and services.

DSV Air & Sea Limited

DSV operates at the heart of the logistics industry, ensuring the seamless flow of supply chains in an ever-evolving world. Catering to a vast array of clients, from the smaller family-run enterprises to the expansive global corporations, DSV designs and oversees supply chain solutions tailored to each business’s unique needs. Despite our global reach, spanning more than 80 countries, we maintain a local presence, ensuring we’re always close to our customers and understand their specific challenges and requirements.

With a dedicated team of over 75,000 employees worldwide, DSV is committed to delivering exceptional customer experiences and high-quality services. Our goal is not only to be leaders in our field but also to pioneer a sustainable future for the logistics industry, adhering to environmentally responsible practices. As a dynamic and forward-thinking organisation, DSV values inclusivity and diversity, upholding the highest standards of integrity in our operations. We respect the diverse cultures we interact with and honor the dignity and rights of every individual within and outside our company.

Hydrobiology (PNG) Ltd

Founded in 2001 by Andy Markham and Ross Smith, Hydrobiology is an environmental consultancy with a focus on aquatic ecosystems. The company expanded from its Brisbane base, establishing offices in Perth, Papua New Guinea, and Singapore to offer services across Australia and Southeast Asia. Hydrobiology’s early work included government and resource projects in Queensland, Papua New Guinea, and Indonesia, leading to a diverse and prominent client base.   

The firm specializes in environmental risk and impact assessments, hydrology, ecotoxicology, and ecology, supported by advanced technology and senior staff involvement. Its commitment is to deliver scientific excellence within a commercial context, aiding clients in managing environmental impacts effectively.  


KPMG stands as a prominent global network of professional firms offering specialized services in Audit, Tax, and Advisory fields. With a formidable team of 227,000 exceptional professionals, KPMG operates across 146 countries and territories, delivering unparalleled value and expertise. The firm’s global reach and success are attributed to its clear vision, steadfast values, and most importantly, its dedicated workforce.

The organization’s focus on industry-specific knowledge allows KPMG’s professionals to gain deep insights into the unique challenges and opportunities faced by clients in various sectors. This tailored approach ensures that KPMG is equipped with the necessary skills and resources to address the specific needs of each client effectively. As part of the KPMG International Cooperative, a Swiss entity, each member firm within the KPMG network operates as a legally distinct and separate entity, upholding a high standard of professionalism and integrity.

Kramer Ausenco

Kramer Ausenco stands as the premier independent engineering and architectural firm in the Pacific, with a rich history dating back to 1978. Our dedication to professional excellence in engineering and allied sciences has fueled our passion for driving infrastructure advancement across the Pacific Region. Our commitment is not only to the projects we undertake but also to the communities we serve, aiming to make a lasting impact on the region’s development.

Our diverse team across the Pacific embodies our core values of teamwork, respect, integrity, growth, and innovation every day, ensuring these principles are reflected in the exceptional quality of our work and our strong commitment to our clients and to each other. At Kramer Ausenco, we are dedicated to fostering a supportive and inclusive work environment where our employees can flourish. Emphasizing work-life balance and career development, we go beyond the rhetoric to genuinely invest in our people’s well-being and professional growth, valuing their contributions and supporting their aspirations within the organization.

International SOS

]The International SOS Group, established in 1985 and headquartered in London and Singapore, is a global leader in health and security services, protecting workforces with tailored risk management solutions. The company responds swiftly to crises, leveraging innovative technology and medical prevention strategies to ensure client safety and compliance. Trusted by 9,500 organizations, including Fortune Global 500 companies, governments, and NGOs, International SOS operates with a team of 13,000 experts from over 1,000 locations in 90 countries, providing 24/7 support to enhance business resilience and sustainability. 

Kroton Laitepo Equities Limited

Kroton Laitepo Equities Ltd (KLEL) is a newly established Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) designed specifically to safeguard the Kroton Equity Option (KEO) and oversee the management of dividend payments for the Hides 4 PDL 7 Landowners within the PNG LNG Project. KLEL’s primary financial resource emanates from a 9% proportional interest derived from the 4.27% Kroton Equity Option (KEO) stake in the PNG LNG Project, which is held by Kumul Petroleum Holdings Ltd (KPHL). This strategic arrangement aims to ensure that the benefits from the LNG project are effectively distributed among the stakeholders, particularly the landowners, through structured and transparent management of the equity option’s dividends.

Investment Promotion Authority

The Investment Promotion Authority (IPA) of Papua New Guinea is a government agency dedicated to promoting and facilitating investment in the country. It serves as the primary interface for investors, offering services that include the registration of companies, intellectual property protection, and business regulatory compliance.

The IPA plays a critical role in enhancing the business environment of Papua New Guinea, aiming to stimulate economic growth by attracting foreign and local investment, providing investor-related information, and identifying export markets for PNG products.

iPi Group Papua New Guinea

The iPi Group is a significant and commercially diverse enterprise active across various sectors, including trucking and logistics, large-scale dry freight and fuel transport, retail and wholesale, hospitality, plantations, bulk warehousing, and import/export. It also provides customs agency services, with operations and investments in Australia and Papua New Guinea.  

JDA Applusvelosi

Applus+ stands as a global frontrunner in testing, inspection, and certification, known for enhancing the quality, safety, and environmental performance of client assets and operations. With over 23,000 skilled employees, the company ensures operational excellence in diverse sectors across more than 70 countries through its innovative and technical prowess.  

The company’s comprehensive portfolio spans from asset integrity management to compliance-based inspections, underpinned by a focus on technological advancement, digitalisation, and up-to-date regulatory knowledge.  

LCR PNG Ltd / QUBE Heavy Lift PNG

Qube stands as Australia’s leading integrated provider of import and export logistics services, boasting a market capitalisation of approximately $4.8 billion as of 30 June 2022. With operations extending across more than 160 locations in Australia, New Zealand, and South East Asia, Qube’s extensive network is supported by a dedicated team of over 8,200 employees. The organization is structured into two primary divisions: the Operating Division, which handles a wide range of logistics and infrastructure services, and a 50 per cent stake in Patrick Terminals, which is recognized as Australia’s premier container terminal operator. This strategic composition enables Qube to offer comprehensive and efficient logistics solutions to its clients.

Markham Culverts Ltd

Markham Culverts Ltd is Papua New Guinea’s premier manufacturer and supplier for the civil engineering sector, exporting internationally standard construction products to the Pacific Islands and Southeast Asia. Established in 1972 as part of the Armco group, it is now entirely PNG-owned, with its major shareholders residing in Lae and Port Moresby.  

The company’s primary focus is on producing corrugated steel culverts for civil engineering projects in Papua New Guinea and the Pacific Rim. All culverts are manufactured in PNG, offering import duty relief in Melanesian Spearhead Group Countries and for other funded projects. Located within 1.5km of Lae’s main port, Markham Culverts benefits from an ideal geographical position.  


Founded in 1958 and now under the Constantinou family’s ownership, Monier Limited has significantly invested in its operations to support Papua New Guinea’s growing construction sector. The company is largely self-sufficient, producing a wide array of construction materials and building products, including ready-mix concrete and precast elements while importing cement directly. With over 350 employees in Port Moresby, Monier is renowned for its quality and has a strong commitment to supporting local education and health initiatives.

Namani & Associates

Namani & Associates, founded in April 2009, is strategically situated on Level 1 of the Avara Annex Building on Brampton Street in Port Moresby, National Capital District, Papua New Guinea. The firm’s location is notably advantageous, lying in close vicinity to the major corporate entities within the resource and business sectors, as well as key financial and governmental institutions. These include the Central Bank of PNG, the Internal Revenue Commission, the Port Moresby Stock Exchange, and significant state entities such as Kumul Consolidated Holdings and Kumul Petroleum Holdings, ensuring convenient access and synergy with the primary stakeholders in the region.

Nambawan Super Limited

Nambawan Super, Papua New Guinea’s premier superannuation fund, manages over K8 billion for 200,000+ members across all sectors. It’s designed for the retirement savings of both formal and informal workers, offering a pathway for private sector businesses and entities to join through various contact methods including email and phone. The fund prides itself on adhering to global best practices, providing top-tier customer service and ensuring the growth of members’ savings.

Members enjoy extensive support via 22 national branches, online and app access for real-time account management, SMS for quick checks, plus over 150 discount providers. With secure savings accounts and an open-door policy for direct management access, Nambawan Super represents a smart choice for businesses looking to secure their employees’ retirement future.

National Superannuation Fund Limited - Nasfund

nasfund, PNG’s pioneering superannuation fund, offers financial security for its members during retirement or unexpected cessation of income. Established as the first Approved Superannuation Fund licensed by the Central Bank under the Superannuation (General Provisions) Act 2000, nasfund commenced its journey in 2002, evolving from the National Provident Fund. Incorporated under the Companies Act in May 2002, it serves as a vital financial safeguard for members across the government and private sectors, including workers from private companies, government-owned corporations, and statutory authorities.

With a commitment to ensuring members enjoy a comfortable retirement, nasfund diversifies its investments across various asset classes, aiming to achieve positive returns above the minimum CPI over a five-year rolling period. Beyond its core offering of retirement and financial protection, nasfund emphasizes efficiency and innovation in superannuation services, providing a range of benefits and products tailored to meet the diverse needs of its members.

Niugini Assurance Group

Niugini Assurance is committed to establishing a modern, locally-rooted insurance company tailored for the unique context of Papua New Guinea. Our mission is to set a new standard in the insurance industry, merging international best practices with a deep connection to the people and environment of Papua New Guinea. We understand that true risk management extends beyond expert insurance underwriting; it requires a profound grasp of the local culture and geographical nuances.

Driven by our dedication to Papua New Guinea and equipped with comprehensive knowledge of both insurance and the local landscape, we founded Niugini Assurance. We invite you to explore our website to discover the range of personal and commercial insurance solutions we offer, learn about the origins of Niugini Assurance and why our insurance might be the right choice for you, and meet our team of professionals who bring unparalleled expertise to the insurance sector in Papua New Guinea.

Pentagon Freight Services (PNG) Limited

Pentagon Freight Services stands as a dedicated specialist in supply chain logistics and services, focusing on the unique needs of critical industries. In an era marked by challenges and unpredictability, our mission is to provide our clients with an invaluable sense of confidence, assured that their requirements will be met with precision and reliability. This commitment is encapsulated in our ethos, “The Logistics Of Certainty.” With nearly half a century of experience, we have steadfastly supported the critical sectors we partner with, offering unparalleled freight forwarding and logistics solutions. Our goal is straightforward: to ensure unwavering certainty in a continuously moving world.

Peopleconnexion (PNG) Limited

Since its inception in 2014, Peopleconnexion PNG has emerged as a pivotal local recruitment agency, anchored in Port Moresby. Our in-depth understanding of the local market and extensive networks empower us to offer tailored recruitment solutions that meet the diverse needs of our clientele. Boasting over 150 years of collective recruitment expertise, our consultants are renowned for their ability to foster lasting relationships and promote professional development, ensuring that both candidates and clients receive exceptional service.

Peopleconnexion isn’t just about filling vacancies; we’re dedicated to setting a new benchmark in recruitment. Our meticulous 30-step process for placing PNG local and expatriate candidates underscores our commitment to aligning individuals with roles that enhance their career trajectories. We see ourselves as much more than recruitment specialists; we are career coaches, brand ambassadors, talent spotters, team builders, industry connoisseurs, and agents of change, bridging the gap between the industry’s premier positions and top-tier employers.

Pacific Cargo Services

Partnering with leading global logistics companies like CEVA Global Logistics and DSV Logistics, Pacific Cargo Services excels in clearing and delivering thousands of tons of sea and air freight for its customers, managing items of any size within tight deadlines.  

The company’s vessel agency operations are marked by transparent accounting, efficient turnaround times, and continuous communication, ensuring vessel owners’ needs are fully met. With a team boasting over 200 years of collective experience in Papua New Guinea across various sectors, including Industrial, Manufacturing, Mining, Oil & Gas, and Transport, Pacific Cargo Services offers bespoke solutions to freight, shipping, and logistics challenges, ensuring efficient and timely services for a wide array of client businesses.  

PNG Air Freight Ltd As Licensee For Federal Express Corporation

In the land of a thousand tribes and cultures, PNG Air connects travellers to over 22 destinations across Papua New Guinea’s most extensive domestic network. The airline achieves this by prioritising customer service and operating the country’s youngest fleet of aircraft to ensure reliable travel to destinations.  

Png Mining And Petroleum Hospitality Services Ltd

PNG Mining and Petroleum Hospitality Services Ltd provides a comprehensive array of support services tailored to meet the unique needs of the mining and petroleum sectors.

PNG Institute of Management Ltd

The PNG Institute of Management (PNGIM) is a reputable entity in Papua New Guinea, offering internationally accredited training and development programs specifically designed for Papua New Guineans since 2007. As a certified training organization recognized by the National Training Council (NTC), PNGIM provides courses that are internationally developed yet customized to suit the Papua New Guinean business landscape.  

The training is conducted by qualified New Zealand and Australian trainers, who are also certified by the NTC and supported by one to two local trainers to enrich the learning experience. PNGIM caters to a wide range of business levels, offering courses for frontline staff development up to senior and general management. 

PNG Ports Corporation Ltd

PNG Ports Corporation Limited (PNGPCL) plays a crucial role in the control and management of all sea ports within its jurisdiction, which are state-owned and were previously overseen by PNG Harbours Limited. Governed by specific port and shipping regulations, along with policy directives from the National Executive Council via the Ministry of State-owned Enterprises, PNGPCL ensures efficient port operations across its network. This network encompasses 16 operational ports, handling over 5.8 million tonnes of cargo annually, while also providing essential Port and Pilotage services to the maritime industry.

As a corporatized entity, PNGPCL is wholly owned by the state through the Independent Public Business Corporation (IPBC), making IPBC the sole shareholder. The company is accountable to the state, mandated to submit annual financial statements for the Auditor General’s approval. These statements cover all operational and capital expenditures, with PNGPCL adhering to government tax regulations. Additionally, a portion of capital works expenditure must be financed through internal revenue and supplemented by loans, negotiated by either the company or the government. Leadership at PNGPCL, including the Board and the Chief Executive Officer, is appointed by the National Executive Council (NEC), ensuring alignment with national strategic objectives and governance standards.

Quest Exploration Drilling

The shareholders and executive team at QED have a longstanding association with high-quality mineral assets across various countries, leading to the growth of their business based on the robustness of these assets. Their involvement has spanned from the discovery of significant mineral assets through exploration to the development of mining projects derived from these deposits. A primary goal for QED is to be acknowledged as a “diversified drilling services provider” capable of contributing to a project throughout its entire mining lifecycle.  


SGS stands at the forefront as the world’s premier testing, inspection, and certification company, embodying the universal standards for sustainability, quality, and integrity. With a dedicated workforce of 99,600 professionals, we span across a global network comprising 2,600 offices and laboratories. United in our mission, we strive to facilitate a world that is not only safer and more sustainable but also more interconnected, through our comprehensive range of services and expertise.

Rezitech Services P/L

Rezitech Services Pty Ltd, established in 1968, is an entirely Australian-owned company with offices in Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Brisbane, and Townsville and support from distributors in South Australia. The company has played a significant role in major plant upgrades and expansion projects across various industries, including mining, petroleum, power, chemical, pulp and paper, and water supply. Additionally, Rezitech Services extends its product and service range to the food and beverage, plastics, marine, and liquid waste truck sectors.  

Southern Cross PNG

Southern Cross Pumps was established in 1970 in Port Moresby and is PNG’s largest locally based and operated Water Services Company. For nearly 40 years, we have serviced the Resources, Agricultural, Construction, and Industrial industries of Papua New Guinea.  

From our branches in Port Moresby and Lae, Southern Cross provides a comprehensive range of products and services.  


Team, Inc. is a leading industrial services company offering an array of specialized services related to the construction, maintenance, and monitoring of pressurized piping and associated systems. We serve customers in the refining, petrochemical, power, pipeline, and other heavy industrial industries with a level of service that goes above and beyond. With more than 220 US and international locations, we are rapidly growing our global footprint across a wide range of industries – with service locations in five continents.  


Theodist Limited

Theodist stands as Papua New Guinea’s premier retail destination for office products and equipment, catering to a diverse clientele that includes businesses of all sizes, educational institutions, government entities, and individual consumers. As a family-owned and operated business, Theodist prides itself on offering a wide range of products and services tailored to meet the needs of its customers, from small enterprises to large corporations and schools.

With well-maintained and customer-friendly showrooms in both Port Moresby and Lae, Theodist ensures a welcoming and safe shopping environment for all walk-in customers, supported by a team of attentive staff ready to assist. Beyond a comprehensive selection of stationery and office supplies, Theodist offers an extensive variety of office furniture, including custom workstation designs and installation services. Additionally, the company provides a broad spectrum of digital printing services, ranging from business cards and flyers to manuals, posters, and signage, all crafted by in-house graphic artists. Moreover, Theodist stays abreast of the latest technological advancements, offering the newest phones, tablets, and cameras to keep its customers at the cutting edge.

Vanguard International

Vanguard International is renowned for its comprehensive service offering that caters to a wide array of staffing and human resource needs across various sectors, including commercial enterprises, government agencies, NGOs, and individual clients. With a core specialization in the recruitment of staff at all levels, Vanguard International prides itself on its ability to connect the right talent with the right opportunities, ensuring a perfect match for both commercial and individual needs. Beyond recruitment, the firm offers targeted solutions for PNG Citizen and Non-citizen Contract Labour Hire, presenting flexible options for managing workforce requirements efficiently.

In addition to its recruitment and labor hire services, Vanguard International extends its expertise to include Payrolling, streamlining the payroll process for its clients, and comprehensive Immigration Services, which cover Work Permits, Visas, and Passports, facilitating the smooth transition and integration of international staff. The firm also provides HR Audit and Consulting services, offering valuable insights and strategic advice to enhance human resource functions and ensure compliance with relevant regulations. With a focus on delivering customized, effective solutions, Vanguard International stands as a key partner for organizations seeking to optimize their staffing and HR practices.

Trukai Industries Limited

Incorporated in 1970, Trukai Industries Ltd is a subsidiary of Ricegrowers Ltd and is proudly one-third owned by Papua New Guineans through Melanesian Trust Services Ltd – the trustee managers of the Pacific Balance Fund. Over 40,000 Papua New Guineans share in this investment!  

Trukai is PNG’s favourite rice. With its unique flavor and consistency, Trukai rice appeals to all consumers and, as a result, continues to maintain its position as the No.1 food brand in PNG… “Trukai” literally means ‘really good food’ in the local tok pisin language!   

Trukai, however, is much more than just rice. It’s about People, Community, Health, Agriculture, and knowledge.  Trukai has a strong track record of supporting the local community, both socially and economically, with one of the most extensive corporate social responsibility programs in PNG, spanning sports, health facilities, health programs, and cultural and provincial events.  


The UMW Group is a leading industrial enterprise with diverse and global interests in the automotive, equipment, manufacturing and engineering, and oil and gas industries. The UMW Group has expanded beyond Malaysian shores; we now also have an international presence in Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, Papua New Guinea, Australia, Taiwan, China, India, the United Arab Emirates, and Turkmenistan.  

 UMW NIUGINI LIMITED, as the appointed Komatsu, FG Wilson, STIHL, and Bomag dealers, is the leading supplier of construction and mining equipment & power generation in Papua New Guinea. 

Wintop Investment LTD

Wintop Tech is an authorized National distributor of Hikvision CCTV surveillance in Papua New Guinea. We provide a wider range of Hikvision brand such as CCTV cameras, Alarm systems, Access control system and other related products. We also do after-sales service to establish good relationships with our customers/ clients.    

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