Community relations and national content, the heart beat of PNG benefits for local communities from any mineral and energy resource development in PNG, is set to take center stage at CANCONEX 2023, PNG’sfirst ever National Conference and Expo, organized by the PNG Chamber of Mines and Petroleum at PNG University of Technology Lae in August 2023.

It is expected that over 800 delegates will attend, which will include executives from the business sector and a large representation from project area landowners and landowner companies from all of PNG’s major existing or future project developments.

In announcing CANCONEX 2023, the Chamber President Anthony Smarè said it was important the resource sector took the lead in sharing its experiences in this area and for all stakeholders to come together to share learnings and identify opportunities to maximize equitable utilization of community benefits.

“We recognize that Community Affairs and National Content, including aspects such as community engagement, community social responsibility, workforce development, local procurement, and local business development are so important that it deserved its own dedicated conference and expo. CANCONEX 2023 will be PNG’s first large-scale industry wide conference and exhibition focused on promoting awareness and engagement on community affairs and national content, to celebrate success stories, and to foster collaborative action to ensure sustainable outcomes for all stakeholders in PNG’s mineral resources and energy sector. I encourage all businesses, landowner companies and landowner groups which have exposure to PNG’s minerals and energy sector to attend and share your experiences”.

The theme for this year’s event will be ‘Promoting National Participation for Sustainable Communities’.

Prime Minister James Marape has been invited to provide the keynote address onthe opening day of CANCONEX 2023, to highlight the commitment by the National Government in driving the National Content agenda.

Lae has been selected as the venue for this inaugural event, given the significant progress that have been made by the National Government, the Morobe Provincial Government, local communities, and the developer to advance the nearby Wafi-Golpu project to development.

Major Landowner companies, services providers, and resource project developers will also be exhibiting their offerings across the three days of CANCONEX 2023. A special 40% discount off the registration price is available to landowner representatives from project areas.

Those wishing to participate are encouraged to contact the Chamber on bkorosa@pngcore.orgor proj3@pngcore.orgto secure their participation.

The Chamber looks forward to welcoming Over 800 attendees from government policy makers, business houses, landowner companies as well as large representation from landowner groups from project areas at CANCONEX 2023.”


Photo Captions:

1.Community engagement to promote food security in communities around theFrieda River project (File pic: PanAust)2.A reforestationprogram undertaken by the Simberi Mine operator formsa largepart of community engagement. (FilePic: St Barbara Ltd)

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