MRDC Managing Director Augustine Mano speaking at CANCONEX 2023, where MRDC was the inaugural Principal Sponsor. This year, MRDC has backed the inaugural PNG Resources Week as a Principal Sponsor, signifying their commitment to empowering landowners through this important national event.

With six days to go the start of the inaugural PNG Resources Week, leading landowner Trustee company, Mineral Resources Development Company (MRDC) has stepped in, as a Principal Sponsor for this inaugural premier national event. MRDC Managing Director Augustine Mano, when confirming support for PNG Resources Week, highlighted the importance of bringing together landowners, and stakeholders from across the resource sector, who are an integral part of project success.

“As the Trustee Shareholder for landowner interest across mining, petroleum and energy projects, MRDC is pleased to support the PNG Chamber of Resources & Energy (PNG CORE) through this worthy initiative.”

“Landowners are critical to the development and sustainability of resource projects, and PNG Resources Week provides the perfect opportunity for landowners to engage, share experiences, and collaborate in areas of mutual interest, to ensure maximum benefits are realized.”

“MRDC was the principal sponsor for the inaugural Community Affairs & National Content Conference and Expo (CANCONEX) in 2023 and is again pleased to partner with PNG CORE to be a proud Principal Sponsor, for the inaugural PNG Resources Week.” “We look forward to working closely with PNG CORE to ensure the success of this event.”

In response, PNG CORE President Anthony Smarè thanked MRDC for coming on board as a principal sponsor.

“PNG CORE values MRDC’s continued support. CANCONEX 2023 was a resounding success, and largely due to the support by MRDC in not only being the principal sponsor, but also facilitating for the attendance for landowner representatives from across communities for which in which it is Trustee for.”

“And with the inaugural PNG Resources Week building on the success of CANCONEX 2023, we are honoured to have MRDC continue their support, through their principal sponsorship, and participation – MRDC will be bringing over 80 delegates to this event, which is a testament to their commitment to empowering our landowners.”

“To have MRDC, the country’s leading Landowner Trustee Company, on board this event as a Principal Sponsor demonstrates their commitment to ensuring that our landowners are well-informed, and in tune with current trends and expectations within the resource industry, so that they can progress more positively into the future.”

“PNG CORE looks forward to welcoming MRDC, landowners, landowner companies, government policy makers, business houses, and project developers at PNG Resources Week.”

With less than a week to go, PNG CORE encourages all stakeholders within the resources industry to register your attendance today via or email

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