Five Lanowner companies will take the stage in a special session at CANC0NEX23 in Lae to talk about how they’re learning from their trials, tribulations, and opportunities
to build a sustainable future as emerging large PNG companies.

1. PNG Mining And Petroleum Hospitality Services Limited (PNGMPHSL):
Since 2015, this Papua New Guinea gem, owned by local landowners, has been dishing out 8,500 daily meals across multiple sites. Safety-first and service-focused, they’re a culinary force to reckon with.

2. NKW Group: Born from the Hidden Valley mining project pact, NKW Group is a powerhouse collaboration of three Landowner Groups. Transport, accommodation, catering, logistics – they do it all, transforming agreements into achievements.

3. TWL: From road transport to aviation and shipping, TWL’s journey in the PNG LNG project area is awe-inspiring. They’re rewriting economic legacy rules and painting the future bright.

4. Anitua: Since 1989, Anitua has been weaving a tapestry of services across industries. Their involvement in the Lihir gold mine project doesn’t just yield gold – it’s a treasure trove of community contribution.

5. iPi Group: Landowners of Porgera Mine brace yourselves. iPi Group is blazing trails across Australia and PNG with forays into logistics, retail, plantations, and more. Their spirit knows no bounds.

By celebrating the success of these Landcos, Canconex 2023 hopes to inspire more PNG companies to follow their footsteps and learn from their successes and mistakes to build bigger companies to sustain their shareholders and communities into the future.


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